The Interdepartmental Master’s Program in the Management of Health & Welfare Units is operated by two cooperating Departments of the International Hellenic University (former Alexandrio TEI of Thessaloniki):

  • the Department of Organization Management, Marketing & Tourism, and
  • the Department of Nursing

The two cooperating Departments have a high scientific and academic level, excellent infrastructures, long-standing know-how and fully cover all the educational, research and scientific needs of the Master. The successful completion of studies (provided that the postgraduate student has passed the examination in the courses required by the program and/or successfully presented his dissertation, in combination with his participation in all educational and research activities as specifically defined in the program and in the regulations of postgraduate studies of this Master as well as the general regulation of postgraduate studies), leads to the awarding of the Diploma of Postgraduate Studies entitled “Management of Health & Welfare Units“.

The Master awards the Postgraduate Diploma in the Administration of Health and Welfare Units with specializations:

  • Quality and Evaluation of Staff in Health and Welfare Units
  • Public Health Administration
  • eHealth Management

The high-quality education offered in flexible forms of education through remote teaching. In this way, the working graduate student is given the opportunity to harmoniously combine work and studies, and to develop to a greater extent his knowledge and skills in various areas of the administration of health and welfare units of all levels, forms and categories.

Postgraduate students are given the opportunity after obtaining the Master’s Degree to continue their studies to obtain a doctoral-level degree either in the relevant Departments or in another higher education institution in the country or abroad.