In the Interdepartmental Master’s Program in the Management of Health & Welfare Units, graduates from higher education institutions (both A.E.I. and T.E.I.) of Greece or equivalent recognized institutions abroad are accepted. For graduates of foreign institutions, degree recognition is required by DOATAP or DIKATSA.

Undergraduate students who have successfully completed the examinations of all their courses and only the graduation ceremony of their degree is pending can also apply. In order to participate in the selection process, these students are required to present a certificate from the Secretariat of their Department, in which it will be stated that they have finished their studies and wherein their grade is indicated. The only obligation that may be pending is the participation in the graduation ceremony. The finalization of their registration is effective after presenting a copy of their degree.

At the Master, according to Law 3685, Official Gazette 148, vol. A, 16-07-2008, Article 4, par. 3, in addition to the number of admitted students, one (1) scholar of the State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y.) who succeeded in the relevant internal postgraduate studies competition of the subject of the Master and one (1) foreign scholar of the Greek State are accepted. By decision of the Special Interdepartmental Committee of the Master, the number of scholars may increase.