Announcement for the Spring semester 2022-2023 (Supplementary Announcement of positions for the academic year 2022-2023):

Those interested are invited to fill out the online information request and submit their supporting documents online at the link until Monday 9/1/2023 (Extension).

  1. The secretariat draws up the initial full list of those who have applied
  2. Candidates who do not meet the minimum criteria of the law and study regulations are rejected and the first choice of candidates is made
  3. If the number of candidates exceeds the number of available positions, then the candidates who are in the first 30 positions per direction are invited to a personal online interview in a program that will be announced by personal message to each candidate (non-participation in the interview process results in the cancellation of the application).
  4. At the end of the evaluation, the Study Program Committee compiles the list of candidates based on the final score of each candidate. The list of successful candidates is validated by the Study Program Committee with the concurring recommendation of the Director. The successful candidates are informed in writing by the Secretariat and are invited to respond within a reasonable period of time (5 days) whether or not they accept their membership after first accepting its terms and conditions. Failure to respond by an approved candidate within the above deadline is tantamount to refusal of acceptance. In case of refusals, the secretariat informs the next candidates in the evaluation series, whom it invites to an online interview with a personal message (non-participation in the interview process entails the cancellation of the application).

Curriculum Vitae (Sample) (docx)

Sample Letter of Recommendation (docx)

Announcement of Admission of Candidates (pdf)