The teaching work of the Master’s Program is assigned, following a decision of the competent body of the Master in the following categories of teachers:

a) members of Teaching Research Staff (D.E.P.), Special Educational Staff (E.E.P.), Laboratory Teaching Staff (E.D.I.P.) and Special Technical Laboratory Staff (E.T.E. P.) of the Department or other Departments of the same or another Higher Educational Institution (A.E.I.) or Higher Military Educational Institution (A.S.E.I.), with additional employment beyond their legal obligations,

b) emeritus Professors or retired members of the Department or other Departments of the same or another A.E.I.,

c) collaborating professors, d) authorized lecturers, e) visiting professors or visiting researchers, f) researchers and special functional scientists of research and technological bodies of article 13A of Law N.4310/2014 (A’ 258) or of other research centers and institutes in Greece or abroad,

g) scientists of recognized prestige, who have specialized knowledge and relevant experience in the subject matter of the Master.

The lecturers of paragraphs a) to f) have the right to supervise dissertations, provided that they hold a doctoral degree. By decision of the competent body of the Master, the supervision of dissertations may also be assigned to members of D.E.P., E.E.P. and E.D.I.P. of the Department, who have not undertaken a teaching project at the Master. The teachers’ duties include the teaching of the courses and the preparation of the corresponding teaching material in electronic format, the evaluation of the students in exams, assignments and other examination procedures, the supervision of dissertations, the provision of advisory work to the students, the participation in meetings of the bodies of the Master and in official ceremonies, as well as other duties that may be assigned to them by the Director of the Master

Those interested in teaching any of the subjects of the program as presented on the website are invited to submit an online application and a zip or rar file to the email: containing:

1. Detailed Curriculum Vitae, where studies, scientific and teaching works are mentioned as well as their professional activity.

2. Copies of their degrees.

The call for expressions of interest is open and there is no closing date. Before the start of each academic year, the competent administrative body of the Master assigns to candidates who meet the conditions of the law the teaching of those courses not covered by faculty members of the Department, after evaluating the applications that have been submitted. The submission of an expression of interest request does not oblige the Department to proceed with a contract.